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Revenue Generation & Client Retention
The Key to Your Business' Success

Revenue generation and client retention is vital to the growth and success of any company. Most companies are constantly battling to increase their revenue and retain their current clients. However, it doesn't need to be this way. Smart Business Solutions can help your company increase revenue while simultaneously retaining your current client base. We focus on three key areas to achieve this - marketing, sales, and customer experience. 

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Marketing Consulting & Fractional CMO

Successful marketing is more than creating a website, posting on social media, or buying ads. Understanding and creating a strategy for your marketing will help ensure that marketing initiatives have the greatest ROI for your company. Smart Business Solutions can help your business develop a marketing strategy that will accelerate your success. Our marketing services include:

Research & Analysis:

  • Market Research

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Target Customer Identification

Marketing Implementation:

  • Media Buys

  • Project Management 

  • RFP Development

Strategy & Planning:

  • Marketing Plan Creation & Strategy Development

  • Marketing Mix Decision Making 

  • Reputation Management Strategy

Tracking Results:

  • Interpret Marketing Data & Make Recommendations

HR Meeting

Whether you are looking to work with marketing experts to amplify the efforts of your marketing team or if you are looking to outsource all of your marketing, Smart Business Solutions can help!

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Sales Consulting & Fractional VP of Sales

A high-functioning sales team is vital to the success and growth of any business. Smart Business Solutions works to develop a sales process and team that will help your company achieve its goals. Smart Business Solutions also offers VP of Sales services to clients who do not have the need or the budget to hire a full-time VP of Sales. This position gives clients the expertise and guidance of a VP of Sales at a fraction of the cost. 

Strategy & Process:

  • Designing sales funnel

  • Defining budget

  • Outlining sales initiatives

  • Setting sales goals/objectives

  • Defining ideal customer

  • Aligning sales goals with the rest of the organization


  • Creating sales team org chart

  • Designing commission & compensation structure

  • Determining the correct number of sales staff

  • Defining job descriptions & responsibilities

  • Sales training

Tracking Results:

  • Client Relationship Management (CRM) Implementation

  • Interpret Sales Data & Make Recommendations

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Customer Experience Consulting 

Creating a better customer experience will help to ensure that your company is able to retain and grow its client base. Smart Business Solutions can assist your business in creating a customer experience that will encourage client engagement with your business, promote future sales opportunities, and work to ensure client satisfaction. 


​Smart Business Solutions will conduct an assessment of your current customer experience and provide a report with recommendations. 


Smart Business Solutions will assist your company in designing a customer experience that creates customer satisfaction and encourages client retention. ​​

Tracking Results:

  • Implement a system to track customer satisfaction

  • Collect & interpret results

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