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Management Consulting

Smart Business Solutions is a management consulting firm providing expert guidance to organization's small or large. By utilizing our process of Assess. Plan. Execute. we help organizations increase profitability and improve efficiency throughout their operations. In combination with general management consulting, we provide the following services.


Targeted assessments allow your business to determine where you stand and what needs to be done to reach your goals. Smart Business Solutions offers the following assessments that can help you achieve your business goals:

  • Needs Assessment

  • Risk Assessment

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Market Analysis

  • Cost of Goods Analysis

  • Profit & Loss Analysis

Assessment & Compliance Documents
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Proper planning is integral to the success of organizations. Smart Business Solutions assists organizations in the creation plans vital to their growth and development. Using our process for clear and concise plans, we can assist in the development of the following:

  • Strategic Plans 

  • Risk Management Plans 

  • Marketing Plans 

  • Sales Plans 

Marketing & Public Relations

Smart Business Solutions offers marketing and public relations consulting to help businesses generate more leads, create name brand recognition, improve and maintain a public image, and create awareness of the company. Our marketing and public relations services include:

  • Marketing Plan Creation

  • Reputation Management Strategy

  • Crisis Communication Planning 

  • Target Customer Identification

  • Press Releases

  • Managing Media Opportunities

Training on Computers


Whether you need a custom training designed for your company or want to choose from our selection of training programs, Smart Business Solutions can help educate your company to improve performance and help ensure that industry best practices are being followed. On training selection includes, but is not limited to:

  • Sexual Harassment 

  • Leadership Training/Workshops

  • Time Management 

  • Employee Buy-In

  • Communication

  • Improving Productivity

  • Supervisory Training

  • Fraud Prevention

Sales Team Development

No business is complete without an experienced and knowledgeable team that can close opportunities and show the value of your company to potential clients. Smart Business Solutions offers a comprehensive program to help your company create or improve its sales team. With extensive experience in managing sales departments, SBS understands how to improve your team. Sales team development is a combination of consulting and training to help improve or create your sales force. This training covers the following topics:

  • Client Communication 

  • The Life Cycle of Closing Opportunities

  • Implementing a Successful System to Close Opportunities

  • Providing Value to the Client

  • Avoiding a Disconnect

  • Personality

Sales Team Meeting
HR Meeting

Compliance, Policies & Procedures

Compliance with federal, state, and organizational regulations is important to organizations in any industry. Similarly, polices and procedures are important to help ensure compliance and ensure employees understand how to conduct themselves. Smart Business Solutions can help you increase compliance and implement important polices and procedures. 

Project Management Meeting

Project Management

Smart Business Solutions can help your company manage a project to help ensure that project goals are met within the desired time frame. Contact our team to learn more about how we can help you create a project plan and manage resources to complete your project.


Start-Up Services

Are you considering starting your own business? With all the different information to consider, this can be an overwhelming task. Smart Business Solutions can help start your business with the following services:

  • Business Plan Creation

  • Brand Creation & Development

  • Marketing Services

  • Training

Not Seeing What You Are Looking For or Have a Question?

Reach out to our team and see how we can help your company improve profitability, efficiency, and success!

Business Consulting
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